Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bootle still going strong

Goodness - how time seems to be flying... and we are way overdue for a few updates on here :-) Starting with an update on how well the Little Library in Bootle is doing under our Will's care. He reports:

"The liitle library is going very well. People take the books on a
regular basis and replace them with their own. Its genuinely self sustaining. 

Oddly, the books that disappear the quickest are the childrens' books. It seems
that 'Denis the Menace' is popular in our building for some reason! Weird, 
because we have no children in the building! So I really need more children's
books for the bookshelf. Did you know Andy that they are more expensive than the novels?

Also, novels about Liverpool are very popular whilst romance novels are the least popular.
That reminds me to get some more childrens' books from Aged Concern. Its important to have 
as much diversity as you can.

One of the other interesting things he reports is the way that people spontaneously started to leave other things for exchange, such as CDs, DVDs and even food that they couldn't use up! We're loving the way people can shape their Little Libraries in ways that suit them and which we would never have anticipated :-)

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