Sunday, 9 November 2014

More Little Libraries!

We're spreading! Like a literary lichen, creeping its way across the landscape, enriching and decorating as it goes :-)

This week our good friend (and erstwhile fellow-Lilliputian) Lisa Mitchell, was finally 'nudged' into doing what she'd been thinking about for some time, and set up a Little Library in Gateacre School (where she works) - a great additional resource for staff and students alike (and a 'toe in the water' for more future collaborations - watch this space!)

And then, doing the post for that, I realised... that I had never actually done a post for our dear old friends, 'The Cottles' who loved the idea of our Little Library so much that they set up their own in Pine View, Winstanley - pictured here with the lovely Zoe & Heidi.

Great job Team Cottle!

You can keep up with The Pine View Little Library at: