Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This is BIG!!!

You remember how we told you (all that time ago - soz) how there were BIG things coming..? Well - they're almost here!!!

Our friends at Gateacre School have been massively busy preparing "The BIG Little Library", in Bellevale Shopping Centre - and absobloominglutely fabulous it looks too (some sneak preview pics below so you can see what I mean) :-) 

Its going to be opened by the Lord Mayor - our good friend Erica Kemp - at 1pm on 5th March, which is of course World Book Day... and it would be absolutely brilliant to see any of our Little Library supporters and users come along to welcome it to the world. Please follow the twitter feed @GateacreLL as well!

Lots more to come, but mustn't jump the gun...