Friday, 4 July 2014


Our lovely (but still anonymous) neighbour 'AB' has been at it again - this time combining creativity with generosity, by making some fabulous bookmarks for the users of the Little Library - how cool and kind is that?! :-)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

They think it's all over - well it ain't...

England may have failed once again to add anything to "1966 and all that", but there's no need to give up on footie just yet ... a quick look in the Little Library Reveals a few books to keep you going until the pre- season friendlies start. We've got (ghosted) autobiographies of QPR, Man Utd & England defender Paul Parker; and the man who's played just about everywhere, Robbie Savage (or "Lily", as the Kop memorably christened him: D)

For the kids we've got a book of 'true football stories' - recommended by no less than our very own supporter, 'AB'. Maybe even enough to take your mind off how well Costa Rica are doing...